About Me


Hi, I am Andie and from the most sincere part of my heart, welcome to The Heart Ability. You can also follow along on Instagram: @theheartability

I recently finished graduate school with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. My time in grad school consisted of sleepless nights, a disturbing amount of coffee, and several mini-meltdowns. As graduation neared, I began to fill up with fear about the lack of job opportunities for new social workers. Then something changed as I was reading affirmations all over social media and tuning into the latest Real Housewives episode… The balloon full of fear developing within me popped and a glitter brainstorm exploded everywhere.

This was the moment I knew with every fiber of my being I MUST share the lessons that were so graciously given to me by my brother Aaron. Aaron, is my older brother. He was born with Down Syndrome, [very] simply put, he has an extra chromosome. That extra chromosome is JAM PACKED with infinite abilities that very few words can describe. It is my intention to try to articulate those infinite abilities to the best of my abilities.

My greatest hope is that these lessons and stories will be shared to all that may benefit from a daily dose of hope and authenticity.

Seeing the similarities over the differences is the heart’s greatest ability.